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Time Scopes

Multimedia applications and 3D reconstructions make it possible to improve  heritage accessibility and provide the means for a surprising understanding of complex heritage resources. Virtual reconstructions fill in the gaps of buildings that are long gone and take us instantly back in time. Different layers of information provide knowledge in relation to what is virtually reconstructed. The Ename Center is a pioneer in this kind of heritage presentation and has the hands-on experience and insight to avoid the many pitfalls in this domain and how to best apply this kind of technology.

In situ Conservation and Presentation

The best way to stimulate curiosity and ignite imagination is to directly confront people with the remains of the past. This is especially the case with archaeological excavations. One of the problems, however, of doing archaeology is that by excavating structures their preservation becomes endangered. The "Eureka-Eurocare E! 1586 Arch in Situ" system that is developed by Milan Kovač (Slovenia) provides a revolutionary solution. By keeping the environmental conditions constant and by simulating the original conditions of conservation, further deterioration is stopped. With the combination of a thorough heritage presentation programme, visitors are exposed to archaeology in a very direct and unique way.

Heritage Routes

With our heritage routes we aim at making links, at the creation of bigger unities and at the stimulation of insight. But we also zoom in on what is specific, what is unique or special. We do this in different ways and at different platforms.