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Inventarisation and Valuation Trajectories

The Ename Center developed a system for the inventarisation of cultural heritage resources. What makes it unique is that the analysis is linked with a system of assessment taking into account, not only he heritage value, but other values and aspects as well, such as the economic value, the accessibility, etc. The richly diverse industrial heritage of the city of Ronse is one of the pilot projects where the system has been implemented. They also form the basis for the development of  tools for public involvement. Another example is the valuation of the battle fields of Oudenaarde 1708 and Lafelt 1747. Historical research, landscape reconstruction and field research are the core elements for a thorough analysis of the heritage value of a landscape and its environment, stretching over many square kilometres.

Kolibri-Ronse is the basis on which the city council’s longterm heritage policy with regard to Ronse’s rich industrial patrimonium is founded. A detailed analysis of the information, combined with the valuation system, helped to confine 18 different zones within the city that need a zone-specific approach.


Ronse’s textile museum has a very unique collection of reference books for textile design. The oldest examples date back to the 19th century. As part of the Interreg-Project Crysalis, this collection is described and made accessible through the museum database Move. Crysalis is an initiative of the city of Ronse together with TIO3, Ronse’s Textile Innovation Centre.